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Hearty 120-Serving Entree Bucket

The Hearty 120-serving bucket is just the addition you need for your emergency stash. It's perfect during a disaster but also ideal in a pinch for a quick, filling meal.

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Ova Easy Whole Egg Crystals

Great to use for making scrambled eggs, omelets and anything that requires fresh eggs. Simply add water to these egg crystals and you're ready to cook.

Availability: In stock
  • Gluten-Free

  • Non-GMO

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Starting at: $57.99

Potato Cheese Soup

Potato Cheese Soup Mix

Availability: In stock
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Starting at: $20.99

Dehydrated Shoestring Carrots

Made from fresh, crisp carrots that have a unique crunchy texture straight out of the can thats great for salads, sides and more.

Availability: In stock
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Starting at: $14.09

Freeze Dried Peas

Add our kosher, non-GMO Freeze Dried Peas to your casserole, soup, or rice.

Availability: In stock
  • Kosher

  • Low-Carb

  • Non-GMO

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Starting at: $18.19

Organic Peanut Butter Powder

The delicious possibilities are endless with Organic Peanut Butter Powder. Make your cookies, smoothies, and sandwiches better with U.S.A. grown peanuts.

Availability: In stock
  • Gluten-Free

  • Organic


Freeze Dried Organic Peas

Light and crunchy organic peas that work great in any casserole, salad, soup, stew or trail mix.

Availability: In stock
  • Kosher

  • Organic

  • Vegetarian

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Starting at: $28.79

Freeze Dried Grapes

Freeze Dried Grapes are delicious and crisp and work great in jams, cereal, toppings, yogurt, and more.

Availability: In stock
Starting at: $37.79

Freeze Dried White Chicken

Freeze Dried White Chicken is made with 100% wholesome Poultry, tastes great, and works in any recipe that calls for chicken.

Availability: In stock
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Starting at: $42.09

Freeze Dried Sausage

Freeze Dried Sausage is made from 100% wholesome Pork and is great in any recipe calling for sausage, including pizzas and breakfast casseroles.

Availability: In stock
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Starting at: $40.79

Powdered Cream Cheese

Cream cheese powder works for any recipe, including spreads, party dips, danish fillings and more!

Availability: In stock
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Starting at: $28.59

Broccoli Cheese Soup Mix

Broccoli Cheese Soup Mix is a delicious soup mix that cooks up a delicious, hearty soup in just 15 minutes. It also goes great in pot pies, casseroles, and more.

Availability: In stock
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Starting at: $25.39
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